Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Ashutosh Bhardwaj


The patriarch and founder of the school is a simple hearted man who believes in 'simple living and high thinking'. He has an ardent passion for uplifting and enlightening the society by bearing the torch of education and illuminating the souls of many by fulfilling the commitment of quality education. To fulfill his dream, the foundation of St. Angel's school was laid in 1992 in sector-15, Rohini, Delhi. It is now one of the leading and renowned institutions with excellent academic standards. He feels every child has a unique quality, which needs to be groomed to make him a responsible citizen of prosperous India. He is a lighthouse of abundant knowledge whose words of wisdom are a source of inspiration and guidance to all who in come in close association with him. The serenity and radiance of spiritualism on his face, the calm and dignified personality, his gentle and compassionate nature is surrounded with a general aura. He is truly an Altruist, Educationist, Philanthropist and a Radical at heart, under whose auspices and prolific leadership, the school has demonstrated leaps and bound progress in academic excellence since its inception.


Seema Bhardwaj

(Director Academics)

Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj, an erudite scholar, a meritorious and distinction holder all throughout her academic career with (Hons.), and degree of law to her accreditation,is a charismatic and a dynamic lady whose very presence is very captivating and electrifying to motivate people around her. She energizes the souls of many with invincible and unbeatable spirit to accomplish educational goals. A great perfectionist with an experience of more than two decades of teaching and administrative skills has led her to the dizzy heights of achievements. Apart from being the founder and architect of the Delhi and Gurgaon branches of St. Angel's school, she has many widely acclaimed achievements to her credit. She is a recipient of the most prestigious award' Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishna Memorial National Teacher's award On Teacher's Day 2002 and, Global Assembly On Peace, Mercy, Tolerance and disaster Education Seminar, New Delhi 2001. She is a perennial fountain of knowledge, benevolence and motivation for those aspiring ordinary souls to perform extra ordinary feats. She is an epitome of honor, commitment, empathy, friendliness, conscientiousness, and a guide to all.


Hazel Bhardwaj



Ms. Mukta Rai


Ms Mukta Rai is an accomplished academician who has been associated with school education for the past twenty five years. She has held positions of eminence as a Principal and as an educator in organisations of repute

Ms Rai, who hails from a family of noted educationist, specialises in English and Education. She served as the Principal of a prestigious CBSE affiliated school in Gurgaon. She has worked in schools of repute like Delhi Public School Gurgaon for more than a decade, where she headed the English department and was specially felicitated for her exceptional contribution in bringing about stellar Board results

Her outstanding contribution in mentoring students was recognised and commended by the Human Resource and Development Ministry of India. Recognising her vast experience and expertise in the field of education, the Central Board of Secondary Education appointed Ms Mukta Rai as the Head of its Spot Evaluation team for grade XII English Examination in Gurgaon for four consecutive years. She carried out the task with aplomb and efficiency

Ms Rai believes that relevance of education lies in igniting spark of curiosity in young minds. Her innovative approach to education rests on the belief that the significance of education lies not in what we acquire through it but what we become by virtue of it


Angel Bhardwaj


A debonair, young vibrant law graduate and dynamic personality with his own panache, aspires for quality in everything he does. A highly intellectual and self motivated youth icon, passionately believes in bringing forth the leadership quality in students and strongly believes that one should be his own role model first so that nobody dares to challenge one's integrity.
He passionately believes that education is nothing but a shared learning and to demystify the learning process, we must make it application oriented through hands on experience. His predominant role lies in mesmerizing people through his circle of influence by conducting interactive sessions from time to time with the staff and students to elevate their self-esteem, boost up their morale and make them more confident.