E-Waste Awareness Campaign

St. Angel's Global takes the initiative to dispose of E-Waste responsibly in collaboration with certified E-Waste recyclers 'Deshwal Waste Management' in Manesar.


E-waste collection center at St.Angel's Global,Sector 70A,Gurugram
  • Awareness Campaign by Green Warriors of St. Angel's Global
  • Awareness rallies in the neighbourhood
  • Regular collection of E-Waste from neighbouring societies and organisation
  • Tie up with government approved recyclers of E-Waste, Plastic and electric waste


  • An abbreviation of "Electronic Waste".
  • All the electronic products that are discarded or are at the end of their useful life, for example computers, refrigerators, mobile phones, televisions, stereos, audio equipment, electric lamps, batteries are known as electronic or E-Waste.


  • Contamination and acidification of soil
  • Battery related products can explode.
  • Electronics products like computers and cell phones contain toxins like lead, barium and cadmium.
  • Hazardous components of electronic waste damage human nervous and respiratory system if they enter the water system.
  • Pollution of ground water
  • E-Waste accounts for 40% of lead and 75% of the heavy metals found in landfills.
  • Air Pollution


  • Recycle
  • Give your E-Waste collection centre at St. Angel's Global, Sec.70A from where it will be passed on to government approved E-Waste recycling organisations.


  • Do not dismantle your electronic products on your own.
  • Do not throw electronic in regular bins.
  • Do not give E-Waste to local / unorganised sectors like local scarp dealer / rag pickers.
  • Do not dispose your product in garbage bins along with municipal waste that ultimately reaches landfills.


  • Project Environment
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Create jobs
  • Save landfills
  • Save copper, gold and silver as these are used in electronic and electrical gadgets

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